Preparation for Kindergarten/Nursery Admissions.

Yes, you read it right! Preparation time for admissions to the kindergarten. Different schools have distinct admission procedures. But if you are trying your hands on the big schools of the city, here is what you need to know.

Often schools judge or evaluate both the child and the parents for the new journey. They want to know what kind of a child will they allow in their school. At the same time, they would want to understand how indulged will the parents be, if they both are working.

Here, you can read about some of the basic questions that school management or the teacher might ask your child:

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your mother’s name?
  3. What is your father’s name?
  4. Do you have a brother or a sister?
  5. Where do you live?
  6. Which is your favorite color?
  7. Which color is this?
  8. Which toy is this?
  9. Which is your favorite toy?
  10. How many pencils (any object) are these?
  11. Which fruit is this?
  12. Which animal is this?
  13. Which bird is this?
  14. Which is your favorite food?
  15. What is the color of the apple?
  16. How many fingers do you have?
  17. Where are your eyes/ears/tongue/hair/forehead/other organs?
  18. Do you like to play?

Apart from these questions, you must take care of a few things when you are there to attend the admission process:

  1. Do not push your child to speak.
  2. Do not hint at them or scare them.
  3. Do not force them to use a specific language like English/Hindi.
  4. Keep the dressing simple and not fancy.
  5. Let the child and the teacher interact.

You need to take care of these simple things because the base education is very important. It will decide their future also.


Homeschooling: What good it held?

Parents, kids, and teachers have firmly embraced homeschooling as mainstream education. Despite the daily challenges of managing work, kids, and infrastructure, the mode of education has emerged as important. It seems to be the only solution. Though the country and its population have started receiving Covid-19 vaccines, will the parents dare to send their kids to school that is untold?
However, there is an indisputable good attached to it. Let us see a few things that you might have observed as benefits of homeschooling:

  1. Better concentration in the students.
    The children are on their own because they are not under their teacher’s nose. It gives them the freedom which every child would look for. But at the same time, it has improved the concentration of the students. Thanks to the competitive world they are into.
  2. Children are independent and confident.
    Reckless behavior won’t help and the grown-ups have understood this fearlessly. The children through homeschooling have got more independent. They feel confident because most of their education is based on their assignments and submissions. They know the grading system that will judge them. And with no choice, they are just independent and confident.
  3. Education is not impacted.
    Can you think of the time when there was no real education like that we have today? People were intelligent and mindful then also, but they had limited resources to convert their knowledge and earn money. In the current times, education continued despite the social distancing protocol. All thanks to the internet and gadgets that could connect everyone across the globe. The education remains unimpacted.
  4. Learning did not stop.
    Though there is no specific place where a child could learn. But the best part of homeschooling was the brain of the kids was not left empty. Every day the cultivation went on and learning did not stop. Some of them emerged as super managers of their lifestyle because they could explore more of their talent.
  5. Improved family timing.
    At home, if the parents are available the family time increased to make valuable memories. There were more discussions and information on the plate. In the monotony of life that we broke last year, this was the most substantial thing everyone needed.
  6. Less bullying and Zero judgments.
    At home, there is no bullying so kids who faced this trouble are free from the torture. Also, most of the children feared the air of judgment. With less physical competition around, kids have performed better.
    Every aspect of life has its pros and cons. We have sailed through with what might look dark, though after a lot of struggle, but definitely, life has transformed for all good.

Determination, Hard Work, and Focus-Tips to win over your life!

You are the boss and that is your life. Stop living it just to please others. 

Heard the phrase “You only get to live once and that once is enough if you live properly.”

Wondering who will define what it means to live properly. Trust that is you who knows what is best for you and no one else. Decide for yourself the way you want to live. Women transform phases in her life. From a daughter to a sister and from a wife to a mother. You have been through all of this and your experience must have been vivid. But just stop and think over, is that really what you want?

 If the answer is negative, now is the time when you DETERMINE, WORK HARD, AND FOCUS on yourself. That is a fact of life not to be ignored. That’s true you must be having kids and all this sounds a little unrealistic. But imagine after some time when your kids are independent and husbands because they are promoted, what will you do?

Well, it is not that you will become a dumbhead and not do anything because homemaking is in itself a task. When life is larger and bigger than you can imagine, then why not give back life a full swing and do everything it takes to make your own a memorable journey before you die.

Here are a few things you can do to win over your life:


You know what you are good at. It can be cooking, communication, socializing, teaching, crafts, and other things. If anything you have you can spread awareness of, start it now. 

Heard of the phrase “Jaan h to Jahan h”? Let us make it to “agar aj Sundar to Kal Bhi Sundar.”

Try and make your present memorable by carving out memories. Etch them to your moments and think big. You don’t need to share information or teach others. Work for yourself. Exercise, diet, and read because these are just tonic for a healthy mind you want to have.


You must already be running behind your kids or something. So working hard will not be much of an issue. Rule your life and work hard to dictate yourself with your terms and conditions. 

After you are determined and know what to do, your next step is to decide your action plan. Your quick fixes will be:

→ Plan.

→ Mapping.

→ Identify resources and challenges.

→ Internet will be your best friend.

→ Think of a plan that can help you earn online because digital marketing is easier and cheap.

Once the plan is ready, the next spot will be hard work. You have to work and evaluate whether everything is going as per your wishes. Remember we are talking here to win over your life and not that of others. Be the judge and gear up for the right work.


Challenges are what make a life accomplished in terms bigger than we can imagine. Focus on yourself. Plan and manage but do not forget to prioritize yourself. After all, you need to get to the end of the journey. 

You have kids and household chores to look after. That’s okay. Think of sharing the responsibilities or start your day early. You won’t reap the benefits until you die for it. It is your life and your name. Why not make it bigger with whatever resources you have. 

“If a window of opportunities appears, do not down the shade.”-Tom Peters. It is because a wise woman will make or create opportunities than she finds it. Now is the time when you must get up and rule your life to win over yourself. 


Personality Development Tips for your child.

Personality Development Tips for your child.

Star, popular and a well-known person, isn’t that what you want your child to be? Well, that be every parent’s dream. True?

Bringing your desires into reality takes effort, hard work, planning, and mindful thinking. Why? It is because you are making humans not machines.

“Personality is that which is thrust upon us”-Balkrishna Panday.

You teach your child ways to walk, talk, eat, and sometimes even ways to perceive and think. 

Kids around you learn faster than you think. Your actions are making their personality. Don’t wonder how because their genetic coding is modified. 

When you shape your child’s personality, it refers to working on their courage, self-esteem, and confidence. Experts say that it is better to tame your child between age one to six as that is the time they are learning faster. Let us look at the ways through which you can work to improve the personality of your child:

  1. Avoid defining attributes.

Avoid defining your child’s attributes. For example, if your child shouts a lot, stop telling us that you are a spoiled child. Your child might believe that what you speak is the truth of their life. But actually, it is not. Do not label them as you are closing their options to correct themselves. Be cautious of the words you use in front of your child.

2. Always give a patient listening.

If you avoid or ignore every time what your child has to say, they might end up keeping secrets with them. If you are a mother to a toddler, understand what they are trying to say from their actions. Ignoring them will make up their mind for certain behaviors forever.

3. Don’t be too harsh when they are mistaken.

Do not hurt or punish your child every time they are at mistake. Learn to be gentle and choose to talk to your child. Communication will open up your ways to different solutions. You can also identify and encourage the passion of your child.

4. Take them for some playtime.

Decide activities that can engage your child. Give them some playtime because it affects the brain development of your child. Try to find out which game or sports they like and then you can push them ahead to pursue it.

5. Do not compare.

It is rubbish to compare your child with other children. Every child has a unique specialty and that is something you need to identify. You must learn to respect the individual identity of your child. It will build the confidence of your child.

6. Teach them the right thing in the right way.

Don’t think that your child is small and will not be able to keep shoes in place or arrange books properly. You get to teach them the right way to put things in place. Do not force and softly teach them why they should do things.

7. Tight screen time.

Gadgets are the new age craze, especially amongst kids. Playing games and watching videos has become an addiction. You need to set the screen time and tell your kids that it will be allowed only for some time.

8. Do not assist in every task.

Encourage your child to be independent as soon as they are wise enough to understand. It will shape their thoughts. Trust nothing is better than taking your child towards independence. But this is also the most challenging and thoughtful task.

The personality development of kids is a long process. There is no rule book to follow but you have to define good and bad for them. Every parent, parenting, and child is different from others. But your consistent efforts will pay you off in the time to come.


Reality Check: Important parenting tool.

Let us uncomplicate things in life. The idea is simple! 

You grew up with few dreams and so must your child. Isn’t it? It is normal to grow while you dream of things. You dream of facilities and work hard to bring that for yourself. Good! You have a dire desire to grow and you dream of it daily. That’s not good. 

How do you think your dreams are going to be true? Have you ever thought about it? Your dreams come true when you work for it and manifest that goodness is on the way. You can handle your ups and lows on your journey. But can your kids handle the difference between reality and just a dream? Not always!

About dreams, C.S. Lewis said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

Reality check does not mean everything is impossible or bitter. But it is a way to bring out the challenges and bend them. You would not want your child to take life as a dream and not to the fullest. Right? If you agree to it, then it is time to tame your child. You can do these things to help your child shape their future:

  1. Talk real things.

Remember when we were young and told to greet everyone properly? Then as we grew, we were told to make friends in life. And when we did both, we were asked to make choices of people based on status. True? Are you doing the same with your children?

If yes, then stop it. Think and talk about reality in life. Tell your children to make their choices. 

Life may run by money, but it is backed by healthy relationships always. Teach this to your kids. Tell them to be away from materialism. Make them aware of the value of money and its importance. But never try to influence your child’s brain with your societal influence. It hinders their growth.

  1. Don’t create a cheat paradise.

Teach your child basic principles but ask them to follow it conditionally. You cannot teach them to not hit anyone despite someone having caused agony to them. Right? 

There is no need to create that cheat paradise for them. Do not tell them that there exist no such persons who can damage you. Let it be a reality to them, even if it is ruthless.

  1. Keep a check on their mind.

Sometimes, kids can fake it. They can pretend to be happy but might not feel that way in reality. It is better you check what is on their mind. The best way for this is to talk to them each day. It is possible someone might be bullying your child. Or there could be a possibility your child has explored their sexuality. It is good to talk about everything out in the open. Trust, you will give a reason for your child to love you.

  1. Explore. Take your child close to things they like.

Press it hard to explore what it is that your children like a lot? Explore and take them close to possible things they want desperately. For that, you need to identify and polish their talent. It will channelize their energy and make them focussed. Avoid the banal choices of pushing your child to study hard. You can tell them to pick arts, sports, entertainment, or anything as their passion.

These things may help you. It is a fact that the present does not inspire as much as does the future. Right? Many of you live life as if it is the last day. But do you know worrying or dreaming will not solve the matter? Dreams are important but they are momentary. You need to be courageous to inspire your kids to fulfill your desire and dreams. So, give a reality check to your kids and make them wiser than just a dreamer. They can dream of a trip to Switzerland but that won’t happen unless you buy them the tickets. That is a reality check!


5 ways to raise a happy child.

Happy Child: Goal of your life.

Are you the kind who spoil everything just because you are not happy within? Is your job, a family brawl, or a broken relationship affecting your ability to raise a happy child? If yes, then you must read this to know how to keep the kids away from your problems. It is important that at least until they are not grown up to absorb or relate what you suffer.

A healthy diet can make them feel good physically but for their mental health, you must raise them to be happy.

Do you even know if your child is happy?

Before you get down to know the ways to keep your child happy, do you even have the capacity to know about their state? Every mother claims that she knows her child in and out. But just by saying this, you are not sorted. The ultimate idea is to help your child learn to stay happy and joyful from within.

5 Ways to raise a happy child.

Here are some common ways to raise a happy child:

  1. Play with them.
Play with the child.

Your child may get momentary happiness watching poems on mobiles or other gadgets. But something that can give them sheer pleasure is nothing else but your playtime with them. Playing with kids helps them learn simple challenges of life and it sharpens their skills.

  1. Please don’t drag them under your fame.
Away from too much fame.

Try to keep your child away from your fame. Children have a simple and clean heart. You can etch in it whatever you think is the best. Don’t try to influence them with your achievements. It creates a blockage in their development.

  1. Teach them ways to express themselves.
Teach them expressions.

“Boys don’t cry”, “you are my strong kid”, and “strong kids don’t cry”. Stop telling these fake statements to your child. Do not damage their emotional quotient. Every emotion is important be it happiness, sadness, crying, or pain. What seems important is to teach your child ways to express their heart. It aids them to relieve their head off the burden. Teach them language and words to boost their expressions.

  1. Don’t force them to stay at a place they don’t like.
Ways to raise a happy child.
Don’t force your child to stay at place they don’t like.

Do not take your child for granted. They are blessed with the ability to judge whether they are in a safe environment or not? Kids can judge that with a touch. Listen to your child, when she/he expresses dislike for something usual. Don’t judge them.

  1. Don’t say ‘No’ for everything. Back them until they get matured.
Don’t say ‘No’ for everything.

Telling ‘No’ for everything is not justified. Consider you are being told ‘No’ for everything you like. You won’t like that happening to you. Right? The same is the case with the kids. Telling them No for everything irritates them. Your child can presume that you will not let them live happily. It can create a feeling of rejection in their mind.

Practice these tips and you will see a positive human being in making. You can’t rule a child because you don’t possess them. It is not just your child but also you who needs to learn the skills of life. Life is simple, let it remain as it is for your children to be happy.


7 useful tips for new Moms: Make your crazy life simple.

New Mommy and daddy bonding

First-time mommies, are you up for the show with your newborns? Do you think that you are on a roller coaster ride? If yes, then this is the time you are correct like never before. But don’t worry this journey of motherhood is going to be bumpily joyous for you. It will give you some hilarious memories. Keep all that in your mind and move ahead because Hey You, your life has started just now! And trust you are the best mom.

Here are some tips for the new moms to make their crazy life simple:

  1. Stay well-nourished.

Only if you eat well will you be able to take care of your child. This has come from the elder females of the family for ages. Eat a healthy and nourishing diet and do not overdo with the fats. You need them but remember you have to shed that extra pregnancy kilo you have gained. Don’t worry, it will automatically go when you choose to exercise and start running behind your child. Eating well is important for you to have the stamina to rear your child without an ouch in the mind.

You can eat proteins, minerals, and vitamins enriched diet. Take salads, milk, curd, paneer, and leafy veggies. If you are feeding your child, know that you still need more than your real diet because your child is dependent on you. They take away all the nourishment from your body leaving you deprived. Consult your doctor, you must also consume some multivitamins to retain strength in the body.

  1. Speak with other mommies.

Always speak and discuss with other mommies. You must know about their pregnancy experience. It will be an eye-opener for you to tell you that you are not alone in this. Discuss as much as possible.

  1. Be ready for a surprise.

You should always be ready for a surprise. You must have heard other mommies about this. The moment you think of sleeping and taking rest, most of the time that will be the time when your child will be awake. It may not be a usual thing but yes most of the time it will happen. Be ready and do not panic. 

Another instance could be that you think your child will eat khichdi but that will be the time when your child will eat baby food.

  1. You are the best MOM.

Trust that you are the best mother in the whole world. No one else can manage your child better than you. You should know it and always be confident about this.

  1. Read or Podcasts: that will always help.

Just like you spoke to mothers about small issues relating to your child, you can also prefer to read and listen to podcasts. They are big-time saviors for any tip that you look for.

  1. Fix turns to keep the baby.

Don’t stress too much with your baby alone. Ask for help. You can ask your husband to help you with the baby. Take enough rest and it will boost your stamina to be happy around your child. Know that your child can sense the vibes and that too strongest from a mother. Don’t lose your cool and temperament as it will take away the power to settle your irritated child.

  1. Sterilize the bottle.

Maintain hygiene because it is your child. Buy a sterilizer and make sure that every time you give the top feed to the child, it is in a clean bottle.

These are common yet useful tips for all the new mommies.


Skin Fasting: 4 Things you should not do to retain the natural glow.

Skin Fasting

Chemicals mean unnatural products that are used to treat the malfunctioning in any part of your body. With skin fasting, we refer that you must keep away all the chemical products for some days to let your skin breathe. Only then will your skin be able to rejuvenate in the natural process. Are you with me on this?

The chemical-based products can take away the glow from your skin and leave it to look dead. It reduces the moisture content in your skin. As the damage grows, your skin looks dry and dull. And definitely, you don’t want this as an end to your healthy skin. Right?

Here are 4 tips you should not do to retain the natural glow.

  • Tip 1: Avoid dehydration.
Detox water for skin.

Water is a precious source of mineral available to all of us. Drink plenty of it even when you are up for your skin fasting. You are grown up to know this by now that staying dehydrated will take away the skin moisture. Your skin will look dead and dull. For sure, you do not want this to happen. 

If you do not remember drinking water because that is the case with many, keep a personal water bottle with you. You can buy colored ones to add excitement to your routine. Prefer to use a glass water bottle, fill it with water, and keep them in the Sun. Drink this water to see magnificent changes not only on your skin but also on your mind. 

  • Tip 2: Do not use any kind of beauty product.
No chemicals for skin. Only natural products.

Do not use any kind of beauty product when you are skin fasting. You can rather clean your skin with plain water. You can add rose water, that too organic if you happen to get it. Use cream, gram-flour, Kesar, and honey to deep cleanse your skin.

  • Tip 3: Do not be lazy. 
Deep breathing for skin.

Stop being lazy for a skincare routine. Practice yoga and deep breathing as it has marvelous effects on your skin. You can observe the change within a few days.

  • Tip 4: Avoid spicy food.
Simple and healthy food.

Excessively spicy food is not good for your body. It leaves it imprints on your skin’s health also. While you are on a skin fasting, prefer to eat less spicy food. Include fruits, juices, and salads without any dressings or preservatives.

These are some of the useful tips to avoid if you are keen to maintain your skin’s health.


Mothers:5 ways you can make the best of your mornings.

Are you sleepy and tired every time you get up in the morning? If yes, then you are probably proper sleep deprived. And with this, I haven’t decoded any unique information. That is obvious. But what I want to fetch attention to is mornings are beautiful for you to enjoy. If your kids are small, putting them to bed especially in this time of pandemic is getting on the nerve. 

Kids do not want to sleep and as a result, they take a toll on your time. If you can manage to go to bed on time, you can make the best of your mornings. Here is how you can do it.

Wake up early

Wake up early for exercise or yoga.

This has been a granny’s advice since we were young. Isn’t it? About one hour early from the time your kids wake up will be a lot breather for you. After your morning chores, you must find some 20 -25 minutes for a yoga or exercise session. Trust, you need peace for this and concentration to get the best results. Waking up early will give you some time too which is valued more than anything and any mother would relate to the fact.

Plan your day:

To do list.

Best is to plan your day and make a scheduler. If you will follow a planned routine, chances are you are less stressed and your output will be high. Mornings are the best time when you can sit, relax, and think maximum to plan the whole day.

Stay away from gadgets.

No Mobile early in the morning.

Simply NO to your mobile. Off lately, young mothers have got into the habit of using their mobiles. Either they are into mom blogging or some other profession. Whatever it may be, do not waste your morning energy on browsing phones for no good use. That will not make sense rather it will take away the valuable thoughts from you.

If you run a business through your phone, still keep the mobiles away in the morning. Let the morning time be either for family or yourself. These technical gadgets can derail you from your target.

Eat on time.

Eat on Time. Choose a healthy diet.

When you wake up early after you sleep on time, your metabolism is the best. You have plenty of time to eat. Pick healthy breakfast options that do not bend you to dowse during the rest of the day. Eating on time gives you a faster metabolism also. In simple words, you are away from health issues.

Maintain a gratitude journal.

Gratitude Journal

Whatever you have achieved in life, money, health, fame, good or bad, that is all because of your deeds. Once you correct your actions, you are prepared to receive the best. For that, you must maintain a gratitude journal. Write thanks for everything, for the air, water, land, home, electricity, etc. You must thank the universe to have blessed you with all the luxuries in life. Only when you express your gratitude, you will be able to receive everything back in abundance. The perfect time to write your gratitude is during the morning hours.

Simply try a different life. All you have to do is plan out a bit of your morning routine and you observe too much of positivity in you. You would see a better YOU and trust you need this version of yours.


That’s also a life BUT who bothers?

That’s also a life, impregnated with genuine or fake smile. But who bothers? While I was writing this, I just read a post about a woman who saved another female from molestation. That’s a breach of integrity to invade someone’s privacy. It can be a gimmick for one but could be a life changing act for a woman.

Who knows when will the society understand this? And then they say woman always keep them in a state of pity. No, that is absolute rubbish. We always stand back to pat ourselves because there is no one else to do it fearlessly. 

From every moment to every day, a woman’s struggle is not even considered of any worth. Here is how I describe a common lady’s life :

Tired in the evening until the morning light,

Even she misses to sleep for some more while.

Geared up for another day,

She makes things comfortable for all in her own way.

Tired and soaked in the body’s sweat,

There is nothing which can make her fret.

Kids, husband, and in-laws together,

A woman takes care of all without bother.

In all her duty and daily chores,

She has forgotten what is the meaning of bore.


The sad part to her story is,

Everyone thinks that this is only a woman’s wish.

For she is destined to live for others,

Without an ouch, all her dreams smother.

That does not bring the fire to an end, 

She has sworn not to bend.

Fall or stand she may,

Trusts that Destiny will definitely pay.

She knows..It’s all a play.

She is staunch and stark

Till there is an end to the ‘dark’.

She only knows that there is a way UP,

And that this LIFE is not to Give UP.

There will be an end to darkness in everyone’s life. And even if there is not a woman will never sit back with lost spirits. She has the power to turn a coal mine in gold. 


Mothers: Get up and dare to live your dreams!

If you are a mother, you know what does it mean to raise a child? It may sound like an obligation or a task that only you have accomplished. Isn’t it? If yes, then know that raising a child may sometime come at the cost of:

Be a powerful MOM. Live your DREAMS.
  • Long uncompromised workdays without break.
  • Sleepless nights when the child is awake or unwell.
  • Compromising dreams/choices because your better half is out there earning money and there is no one to take care of your child.
  • Struggle to keep-up stable health to run endlessly.
    It might have happened to you at some point in life. That is okay and you must not bear any regrets for it because you are a MOTHER. Okay, that word is heavily loaded with emotions of care and love without a halt. But that should not bring ‘your life’ to an end. Life is a beautiful gift and every phase of it shall pass. If you trust this then you all mothers reading it must get up and gear to give you dreams some wings.
    Some of you might think that it is easier said than done while for a few others the situation might not be supportive. Whatever it may be, you should follow these rules to create a beautiful story for you.
    RULE NO. 1: At least give it a TRY.
    RULE NO.2: Never stop TRYING.
    Follow these and bring out the best in your life:
  • Stay strong and consistent in whatever you want to do. Put things to action and that is the only mantra.
  • IGNORE criticism. People in this world are here to watch you grow and they can feel anything about you.
  • Do not compromise on your Self-Esteem. Give yourself power.
  • Do not compare yourself with other mothers. Nobody is perfect, not even you.
  • Learn to say ‘No’ to things you do not want to do.
  • Find time for your hobbies to get yourself back.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Do not regret it over a mistake. Learn from them. You are allowed to make mistakes because you are a human being and not a machine.
    Make sure you pursue yourself to follow these steps. Your world does not end after marriage and baby. Mere expectations also would not make your life beautiful. Get up and gear yourself to follow your dreams.

My Child’s First journey to Delhi.

6 months completed then and growing fast, my daughter traveled to a different state when she was too small. Born in September we had to be extra cautious because it was her first winter. Just after you deliver a child, trust me you have all wanted and an unwanted piece of advice pouring in from all the corners. I was no exception and things happened with me as well. 

Coming back to my child’s first trip, we (both my husband and I) were too excited to get back to our travel rituals after a long maternity break. It was for a wedding though and honestly, that was not much of an excitement for us. This journey was special because it was my child’s first outstation trip. 

Relaxed in her car chair seat, I could sense that sparkle in my daughter’s eye also. She exhibited that excitement to our surprise. Generally, kids get cranky when they are made to sit in one place for long hours. But this journey brought a great revelation about our daughter. She had a passion to travel in her blood. 

My daughter was happy and quiet all through the way which became the best part of my long-sought break from a monotonous routine. Soon, as we reached me this so-called awaited break turned out to be a nightmare. We reached the wedding destination and my girl got in her form.

The moment we arrived, out of love, relatives started pulling her cheeks and showed their affection. It irked my daughter behaved just like a normal child would do. She cried on the top of her voice and from that moment neither my husband nor my daughter or I, no one could relax or enjoy. We had to leave the wedding about 15 minutes after our arrival. 

I had my sister’s home at a distance of 1 km from the venue of the wedding. She arranged the rest for us. Away from the crowd and noise, my daughter enjoyed our stay in Delhi. It felt like we were never there for a function but for short family time. 

My first experience and my child’s first trip to Delhi was no matter a mix of experience but it still was beautiful for me. She loves to travel and wants no disturbance when she is on her own, looking outside the window. 

In this first wedding we attended after having the baby, we had no food and no enjoyment but our journey was beautiful. My daughter, Shrigun, and I learned to deal with each other and that is how we are growing as a mother-daughter duo. After that trip to date, I make sure that I do not compromise the comfort of my child. 

On my child’s first trip to Delhi, I pledged to make her my priority.


Covid 19: Lockdown to Unlock times. 4 ways schools helped in child development.

From lockdown to the journey of unlocking times, humans will take time to live with the new normal. While many have started their normal work routine because of pressure, a few others still operate from home.

Juggling between planning what to cook today to the new office space at home, you must be having kids wandering and finding new ways to be active. Though it is quite some time and you must already be used to it. True? The phase of Covid-19 restricted the motion of the kids outside but the online classes kept them going. Schools always have played and will continue to be a responsible participant in the development of the child.

Let us look at the unsaid ways how the educational institutions are managing to keep their children mentally active and healthy:

Something to learn, daily.

Online learning to keep the child active.

The space of learning has changed but not the attitude. Teachers are active to make sure their kids strive through the year. On the other hand, the children are participating equally to learn what is new. The infrastructure has changed from the exciting class furniture to the homebound studies, but at least the schools have managed to keep the children in line with their routine.

New assignments and experiments put the children on their toes to keep up their attitude of learning new things.

Online Socialising.

Online Socialising

Meeting in person has its relevance but when you are left with no choice, you connect with your friends online. Isn’t it? The group video classes that started gave students a chance to see their peers. Children love the company of the same age group just as we do. 

The birthday celebrations are redefined with the teacher and other students watching the cake cutting online. 

Helped parents to work peacefully

Parents can work peacefully.

Now, with the new normal, the working parents can watch their kids study online and still manage their work. Though the initial phase was a challenge gradually everyone had to sink in it. Schools and the dedicated teachers have together made life somewhat better for working parents.

Saved mind blocks with excessive screen-times.

Less Screen Time. Children engaged in other activities.

You as a parent might have worried several times about the excessive screen time exposure of your kids. With the online classes, the period of using gadgets has increased and kids have sarcastically complained about it. Right? But in all the cases, they are using it less for the remaining part of the day. Children would prefer activities like plantation, indoor games, puzzles, and exercise. As a parent, you know that it is for sure way more productive than otherwise.

You and only you as a parent would understand the worth of education. Schools or any educational institution have always strengthened a child’s identity. A teacher and a mentor continue to push children forward for their better future. A school is not just a place of grades and marks but is a destination where you see your child being developed as a strong yet emotional, socially active, and confident human being.


YouTube: 4 ways in which it help your kids.

Do you sail in the same boat as your kids do to look for answers that can make your life better? For sure you might be if you want to grow and make some contribution to your kid’s development. Be it a maths query or a science project, a cooking recipe, or a technique to fix an electronic gadget, won’t you immediately browse through YouTube? For sure, yes because you learn quickly through videos than through lectures!

Learning tips and tricks are not confined to Wikipedia now though it still forms a big base of any search. But if it is for the kids, then schooling through YouTube videos has got easier. Isn’t it? Right? 

Earlier, people looked for mentors and kids searched for refreshers or extra classes to get an edge on everyone else for knowledge. But with low cost involved and easy accessibility, the use of YouTube has become common. The younger generation is intensely indulged and dependent on this medium.

YouTube in India has more than 265 million active subscribers. The number is set to grow ever since the number of users of the internet has risen. But isn’t that getting too much in use, more than what we can deduce from our gray matter? Though this becomes a point of dispute because technology is making our life easy. Let us see in what ways YouTube helps the kids.

Learning is faster

Faster Learning

YouTube makes learning faster. With the help of the internet, anything you want to look for is just a search away. For one search query, you get millions of results. Choose the one which serves the best purpose. 

Convenient option to explore new things

Stuck in solving a problem or that science project of your kid. You are not sure of how to help your kid in that school assignment. For every puzzle, YouTube can help your kid stay abreast. It is a convenient option to finish a task. Try out this technology and save yourself from burning that midnight oil. See the major transformation in your child’s development and see how they invent one idea from the other. 

Better resolution of doubts.

Better Resolution of doubts

For doubts, you should use YouTube and help teach your kids. In this era of technology, you need to be wise enough in using the platform. Whenever in doubt, check YouTube for better hints and processes. In just a few clicks, you can conveniently resolve your doubts.

For kids, there are many videos on YouTube posted by experts who teach concepts in their way. It gives multiple options to choose the best to resolve doubts.

Other than learning at school and institutes, your kids can learn different tricks and techniques through YouTube. There would be many videos and mentors for that one tip. For example, if you are looking for a video to show photosynthesis for your child’s science project, you can get many options. With the help of YouTube, you can help your child spot valuable information.

Exhibit Talent

Exhibit Talent

Not everyone gets a chance to display their talent on bigger platforms. For a quick approach and success, you can help your kids use YouTube to display their unique talent. 

Parents are happy that their kids can get the knack of every bit of the universe through YouTube. But at the same time, they worry about the not so needed take-in through the social media channel. They are perturbed with the fact that kids may not be able to judge what is of benefit for them at their age. This can mislead them to a point of growth which can damage their mind. These are the facts and you being a parent cannot deny it. 

The air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, and the technology you use, the whole enchilada has both good and bad in it. You need to judge the quantum of usage for your kids. The bandwidth of their reception cannot be checked but you can observe the leaps they take through this information channel. You need to look for quality to fetch the best results. 

Technology enables invention or vice versa whatever may be the case, you must know that it can be both bane and boon. Let us talk about the increase in the use of the most popular social media channel YouTube.


Motherhood: Can a working woman be a perfect mother?

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know”, said Charley Benetto.

A mother in different roles.

Motherhood is an endless journey that starts from the day a female bears the child in her womb. Needless to say, the feeling of belongingness and responsibility kicks the mind as soon as that pregnancy test indicates both lines turned pink. Isn’t it?

Every woman is working though in our society the ones who step outside the house to earn money are dignified more. Managing home, kids, and job is not easy whether you accept it or not. Moving out of the house to earn leaving kids and family behind bothers but sometimes satisfying needs is of higher importance.

There should be no judgments on how a mother raises her children. For every child, their mother is like God to them. Let us see what qualities does a working mother instill in her kids that makes her a perfect mom.

Discipline becomes innate.

Discipline becomes innate.

A working mother would wake up on time and leave for work on time. When kids grow up watching their mother working hard, they become disciplined automatically. It gradually becomes their innate quality.

At every stage of life, a mother would observe competition both from the world outside and within. In the struggle to excel and prove, she would go the extra mile to cultivate discipline for herself and in her kids. A mother can care for you endlessly but a working mother knows how to teach her children in the right way because she has not any room for mistakes.


Independent child seeing mother working on her own.

An independent human being is a person with free will.

Don’t a mother want her child to outshine with a focused will? For sure yes. 

Kids see their mothers managing every small task from morning till late at night. She goes on until every person in the family is at comfort. When children see the hard work and determination in a mother to keep family and values intact, they learn from her.

An independent working mother can teach her kids the value and importance of being confident. 

Bound by time yielding results.

Bound by time, a mother managing both work and child.

Both tasks at home and the workplace keep a mother on her toes. Her actions go by the tick of the clock surprisingly yielding results. Not missing a single time, a mother goes on bound by time to yield results. She steers her way clear up, maybe slow but yes that graph accelerates. 

Children learn the importance of time and understand that in life what matters is performance. Accomplishments are a feat in life but things that bring results to fruition hold more weight.

Courage to face the world. 

Courageous mom, a super mom.

A working mother faces rejection, criticism, appreciation, and other emotions in all forms and moods from the people. Despite not bothering every time, as a human being, she can have a heartbreak. But every time gearing up in full swing to lead a happy balanced life, she teaches her kids higher degrees of patience and balance. In return, her kids will gradually bear in them the courage to face the world.

Wisdom to be honest.

Situations in life can not be pleasant all the time. They can be tough and confusing making it difficult to strive way through them. Through all these thorny beds, a mother makes her mark clear by being honest. The children would automatically inculcate in them the value of being honest.

A working woman is culpable and judged at different instances in life. Working in a corporate or not, it is simply essential to comprehend that no mother is jobless. They have a higher power to complete any task. Putting a close verdict on whether a working woman is perfect or not, you have read facts that she successfully imparts in her kids. Though only a comparative a high level of exposure can help a mother teach the life skills and morals better.


Is it really bad for parents to tell their kids NO?

No, No, stop, don’t,…

How many of you hate to say these words to your kids? I am sure many but all of you would agree that kids won’t listen unless you tell them NO.

Your child wanted to jump from a height without precaution and you told him not to because that was dangerous.

Your child was being touched badly by someone and you told him/her NO, say NO that too loud. 

Two different situations but with the common intent to save your child. What seems important is to teach kids the relevance and meaning of the word No. We will discuss this in another article.

Thinking about your child’s safety is a part of bringing up where they are made aware of things that are not good or harmful. Telling them no can make you ill at ease thinking of how to handle your child? You want to enforce kids to stay in limit and which is why to tell them No for many things. You must be reasonable to use this word and not hinder the development of the child. Well, in this article you can read ideas on when to say No to your children. You must tell them No when:

They are hurting other

Kids can get into the dog fights due to many reasons. That can be in school or in the society park. You need to keep a watch and tell them No when they hit another child. You need to know the reason why kids got into the fight. Scolding your child always will not be wise.

They are stubborn, especially in the shopping malls

Your kids exactly know how to get their work done from you. They would throw all sorts of tantrums to tune you to their needs. When you and I give in to their demands, we teach them to become stubborn. Sometimes, You and I tend to bribe kids to listen to our commands. This can get on your nerves when kids get stubborn at public places, especially at shopping malls. You can tell them No at a point when they do not listen or tell them you will not get them out next time.

They damage property either your’s or others

Sometimes, your kids can get to damage property either yours or others. That can either be for fun sake or for venting anger. In both cases, you need to ask your kids to stop. Tell them No and teach them that they cannot harm others’ property and that it needs to be respected.

 They are misbehaving in restaurants and disturbing others

Your children may be disturbing someone else’s peace when at a restaurant. You must teach them dining behavior and if you feel they are not ready for it, better not take them. If you cannot leave them home and they make noise, immediately tell them No.

They are arguing with elders

You must tell your kids not to argue with elders. That does not mean to listen or tolerate nonsense from people who are elder. But if it is for the kid’s benefit, they must be directed to remain quiet. You will have to mold the situation to a point where the kids are not harassed and the adults do not feel disgusted. 

Difficult though but raising kids needs patience, power, and intelligence. It is not a science that can be mugged-up. Parenting depends on the situation but for all parents development of the child is always on the nose.

You are wise enough to choose when to say No and remember that you must not prioritize your interest for the sake of your kids.


Covid-19 and Control: Ways to maintain hygiene and health for your kids!!

Until when? Who knows? Year 2020 is just a bang on! True?

Everyone has left cribbing and stopped resisting the change. Why? Simple, because there is no point. What gets important at this point is the hygiene and health of your kids-your lifelines. Kids are your world and everything from day till night is just about them. Well! The time of Corona has made it worse and unavoidably important for parents like you. It is normal to be abnormally cautious about the health of your kids. Worry and anxiety won’t solve anything. You need to be fearless and only then will you be able to fight the disease.   

It has been close to 70 plus days when you or your kids must have moved freely last. One after the other, it is the fourth phase of lockdown. You can call it partial as many workplaces have opened to push and steer the economy once again. Though literally, office work thankfully would have never stopped at your place. But now, you or your better-half must be visiting the office daily which calls for an extra alert situation at home. 

You can’t stop, there is no option. Every segment of the economy works to feed another. Hence, as a part of the world is on the move apparently, the fear of infection prevails stronger. The dreaded disease of Corona has changed your lifestyle, your thoughts, your perception, and much more than that-your perspective. 

It is an emotional struggle within but a fierce fight outside. Quite difficult for those who have children as their piercing eyes questions as to why they are locked inside and till when? Other than maintaining hygiene, it is a test of how best you endure the situation and keep your kids safe, happy, and engaged.

You must already be aware of the hygiene factors and ways as there is too much talk about it on television, social media, etc. You and I know that this will extend to be a part of our life until scientists turn the tables and release lifesaver vaccines. 

Until that time, here are quick tips you will have to make light of for your kids and hygiene:

Shoes and stuff outside. Sanitize home

Anyone who is moving out should open their shoes and leave the bag outside for some time. Sanitize it every time without a chance. The shower is a must and if that is not possible, make sure the hands and face are washed. Your laundry bag may weigh daily but that is how it is going to be now. Wash the clothes because this unseen virus sits on the clothes for a time more than you expect. 

Sanitize your home especially, doors, knobs, bathrooms, etc. The idea is to keep your kids safe especially when they are homebound.

Make sure kids wash their hands. Make them learn through poems.

Hygiene is the new fashion regime or you can say it the new necessity regime. If your kids are below 7, make sure they wash their hands or at least sanitize them quite often. That keeps the dirt away. If they resist, you can show them poems or tell them stories to motivate them. #YouTube has many has many compelling poems that have power to change moods.

Teach them that the Motto is to say Bye to Corona.

Heard the science of energy and aura? I am sure yes! You can guide your kids to create an aura around them to keep away Corona. Tell them that the motto is to make Corona vanish and that it will take its course of time. But in the meantime they can chant mantras that manifest powers to them. They can’t move without completing the chanting and this will easily get them indulged for 20 seconds to wash their hands.

Courage and Confidence

Some parents might have observed behavioral changes in kids who are stuck inside homes without much activity. Tell them there is nothing to worry and they have to fight back from this virus. Share with them real-life examples of bravery and courage. It will help you cleanse their mind and free them from negativity.

No more discussions

Awareness is important. Keep your kids aware of the possible ways in which Corona will spread. Do not over discuss the matter in front of them. Their subconscious mind may get impacted further hampering their development.

Introduce pocket-size sanitizers

The market is full of attractive and small packed hand sanitizers. Buy these small packs for their kids. Tag them it is theirs. They might like it and get to use it more. But make sure that your children wash their hands every time before meals and not just sanitize.

Corona was never expected and will never be. It is a phase that no one expected but will always be remembered for our fight for survival. All we need is courage and caution as they say “WINNERS DO NOT FEAR LIFE.”


Is Motherhood over rated?

Success doesn’t taste good unless you have failed in life. Failures make you aware of the flaws which ultimately turn you into a better person. It is only you who can evaluate your victory and hard work put in. Just as accomplishments hit your heart, motherhood hammers the soul. And talking about it being over rated seems quite low.

Motherhood is your life, a learning, and a lesson with intense laughter! Many say, it is a permanent and only the job of females to raise kids. Generations have passed but society at large is not past this belief. For every deed a child does, a mother is held responsible for it.

Still, do you think that motherhood is overrated? Some societies like ours face a bigger challenge than this. The stigma of gender bias has plagued the minds of people since ages.

No matter how big we think and far we grow, India and its rural areas largely face a deep-rooted gender bias. Men are considered to earn and females to produce kids. Never in their thoughts, have they believed that giving birth to an infant is holy. And if a female is not respected, why and how will motherhood be?

There is absolutely no stage of life or transformation that takes you en-route a rebirth unless you are drugged. Looking at the urban side of the society, the privilege of maternity leave and other benefits force people to think that motherhood is overrated.

How do we resolve it?

Do we even need a resolution or leave it as the thought of millennial. Emotions that are impassable and beliefs that are impregnated cannot be modified overnight.  Well! A mother doesn’t need approval or appreciation for what she does. Most of them are raising kids sacrificing their beautiful careers and laudable success stages. But who cares? And still the question prevails that motherhood is overrated.

Like marriages and relationships, motherhood also comes with the lifetime commitments. From a new born till the teens, a child needs all kind of support from their mother. The ultimate fact is like we grew; our kids will age and move out for better livings. There is absolutely no drama to it but the fact will remain. As a mother, it is about giving your life to family, relationships, kids, and on priority to your own dreams.

What has contributed to the change, be it small? Females who are beautiful mothers can now live up to their expectations over passing the judgment

  • Change of work styles in office. There are separate #feeding rooms and convenient seating for new mothers and those who are struggling with their health.beautiful-blur-casual-935756.jpg
  • Work from Home Opportunities:  #Motherhood will not be compromised at all as there is more work from home opportunities. Females can work and take care of the child at the same time.baby-babysitter-babysitting-1741231
  • Entrepreneurship: Considering the upcoming challenges, females are now smart to decide and balance their home and work.

Days and nights have just passed and my little one is now 11 months old. Trust, occupied  24/7, I don’t even realize how does time just fly everyday. I am struggling to get my name there as an established content writer. It is an open market and pool of budding talent that pushes me each day to put myself forward with my ideas .

Motherhood is absolutely not overrated. You may call mothers poor managers but only they would know how keeping too many things in line, that too at the same time, is challenging yet an art.

Brushing all the thoughts aside, I wish all mothers a great amount of luck and love in abundance. It is because we need to motivate each other to stay alive, to stay focused.



How to make a Breathless relation among couples work Alive?

Have you ever thought how it feels to be alive even when we miss our breath? I am sure we all must have tried this at least once in our life. Strangled as we could feel becomes a relation when there misses an essence of love, care and respect.

Your relationship does not survive depending on where you come from and what your backgrounds are. In the urban era, when we all are engaged to make our living better, the bonds seem to be dying.

HNW work

Both the men and the women in the society share equal professional loads still the sense of insecurities and ego prevails. In many case, homemaking still falls an ordeal to the females. This may add up to the work load of the females and yet place them low. Such situations are not new to be known. But the way they can be worked out definitely needs a much better outlook.

Here are a few simple things that can make your couple goals stronger and bigger:

Share duties and responsibilities Like making a living is not one man’s task, similarly share the duties and responsibilities at home also. Either pick chances or do all the tasks together. It will add a meaning to your relationship.

Keep your Stuff clean and in place: If both the man and the woman are working, it gets difficult for one to maintain the cleanliness. So the best is you keep your individual stuff well in place. Definitely it will make your home clean.

Divide Jobs: Sharing is good but if that is not possible you can also divide jobs/tasks. Pick the ones you are good at like washing or may be arranging the kitchen.

Plan holidays properly: Being lazy is good but if you plan a holiday for both of you, love will definitely blossom for you.

Surprise each other: Every one of us like pleasant surprises. Buy some gifts or make dinner reservations for those lovely moments.

HNW Wine

I am sure some of the tricks and tips mentioned here will work wonders for you. It is important to live your life to the fullest. Earning money may be a big deal but making it a life to remember is a task.

Prepare your child for Kindergarten Admission.

Yes, you read it right! Preparation time for admissions to the kindergarten. Different schools have distinct admission procedures. But if you are trying your hands on the big schools of the city, here is what you need to know.

Often schools judge or evaluate both the child and the parents for the new journey. They want to know what kind of a child will they allow in their school. At the same time, they would want to understand how indulged will the parents be, if they both are working.

Here, you can read about some of the basic questions that school management or the teacher might ask your child:

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your mother’s name?
  3. What is your father’s name?
  4. Do you have a brother or a sister?
  5. Where do you live?
  6. Which is your favorite color?
  7. Which color is this?
  8. Which toy is this?
  9. Which is your favorite toy?
  10. How many pencils (any object) are these?
  11. Which fruit is this?
  12. Which animal is this?
  13. Which bird is this?
  14. Which is your favorite food?
  15. What is the color of the apple?
  16. How many fingers do you have?
  17. Where are your eyes/ears/tongue/hair/forehead/other organs?
  18. Do you like to play?

Apart from these questions, you must take care of a few things when you are there to attend the admission process:

  1. Do not push your child to speak.
  2. Do not hint at them or scare them.
  3. Do not force them to use a specific language like English/Hindi.
  4. Keep the dressing simple and not fancy.
  5. Let the child and the teacher interact.

You need to take care of these simple things because the base education is very important. It will decide their future also.